Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aleksi Sihvonen of Medicated (and now Norther!)

The Arrogant Atheist is proud to announce our sponsorship of Aleksi Sihvonen.

He's the front-man for Medicated, a hard-hitting, virtuosic metal band, over which Aleksi displays stunning vocal diversity. Their standout track "Scream for God" outlines the anatomy of the band rather precisely: double-bass blasts, blistering guitar riffs replete with shrieking pinch harmonics and layered lead passages against Aleksi's roar...that is, until the chorus hits, and where before there were vicious growls, we now have a haunting, nearly angelic voice, reaching a climactic and stratospheric high C. The result is heavy, visceral music with just a flair of wonder and awe: executed with technical mastery.

In light of Aleksi's unique abilities, it's no surprise that he's been asked to replace Petri Lindroos as lead vocalist in Norther, a world renowned death metal band that's toured with the likes of Children of Bodom and Dimmu Borgir. You can download his demo recording of Frozen Angel (which got him the gig) from the official Norther website.

In closing, be sure to check out Aleksi's projects; you'll be glad you did. And what of us? Well, we're proud to say we make Aleksi's stage-wear, helping him look like a metal musician should.

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