Friday, November 11, 2011

Religion and IQ.

At a recent atheist convention, we heard a researcher discuss the startling volume of recent scientific studies that seemed aimed at bolstering religious solidarity. How? By attempting to prove that religious people are happier, healthier -- altogether better -- than those without religion. Whether through junk science, poor sample data or creative interpretations, the results of these studies appeared as though they had been determined from the start. And most every study was backed by a religiously affiliated institution. Despite the flaws this researcher found, the studies continue to flood the journals in an apparent attempt to validate veracity through sheer staggering quantity.

We all hear of the multi-million dollar bankrolls religious groups readily use to influence politics, erect mega-churches and run PR campaigns. Now it looks like they may want to get their hooks into the scientific journals, too.

In the spirit of rallying up support for serious studies to tackle the very real issue of religion's influence on society, we've launched this shirt based on legitimate studies about the relationship between IQ and religiosity:

In one study, the authors reported a correlation of 0.60 between atheism rates and level of intelligence, which is "highly statistically significant." We might have guessed as much.