Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An update, a video and thoughts on the interview

Our appearance on the Jesse Woodrow show went well; I wholeheartedly advise watching our YouTube video (below) which is a distillation of the exchange that occurred. It's also a recording of the interview from our end, so it's crystal clear - quite a bit better than had you watched live - yet we still captured the host and the chat room to reproduce the experience of the live feed.

Be warned: this video may or may not also contain piquant "LOL-commentary" for your amusement; I'll constrain that probability somewhere between 1 and 1 that it does.

Before I let you go, I must mention that I still am boundlessly surprised at the misinformation that creationists seem so passionately to profess; Jesse Woodrow's feeble grasp on the theory of evolution was in such wild contrast to the conviction with which he spoke about it- confronting this requires one to consciously recall that the certainty with which an opinion is spoken does not correlate to its validity.

Along that line, sometimes I muse in wonder at the prevalence of creation science and how people manage to swallow such incoherent drivel, however, today my wonder was dispelled; when a fundamentalist opens his mouth, a world of madness spews forth- and yet it is a world entirely devoid of doubt.

Fundamentalists: deluded, irrational, misinformed, whatever you want to call them, must at least be lauded in some upside-down manner for not flinching in the face of reason. No, they carry on, each step more strident than the last, deep into the dark pits of insanity, smearing pitch over their eyes to guide them on their way.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Radio Appearance: 6.30.09

The Arrogant Atheist is appearing on the Jesse Woodrow show; it's Christian radio so this should be interesting. 1-1:30pm PST on Tuesday, June 30th. We'll be discussing The Arrogant Atheist - the clothes and our mission - as well as religion at large. Be sure to tune in!

Former Presidential Candidate: RON PAUL
Former UN Ambassador: JOHN BOLTON
Director of Eye of the Phoenix: CHRIS PINTO
Director of Riddles in Stone: DAVID BAY
Former Presidential Candidate: THOMAS TANCREDO
Author of The Energy Non Crisis: LINDSEY WILLIAMS

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Iranian Protests

Tear gas and batons: the only retort of an insidious will to the restless masses, the new emblem of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ahmadinejad, a mouthpiece of tyrant clerics, proclaims his re-election as "among the great achievements of the Iranian people," and he's right. A powder keg needs but fuse and spark, and this president's short-sighted ambition in manipulating the June 12th election may well have incited the riots that will end the regime that should never have been.

The Arrogant Atheist supports the protesters in their stand against an oppressive government; as the Islamic Republic of Iran administers its will with the baton, its streets swathed in blood, thirty years of echoes from the violent reign of Ayatollahs ringing still, these new blows fall before the eyes of the world. Let it see the true nature of a theocracy: sanctioned by a book but enforced at the point of a gun.

To aid the Iranian people in this pivotal moment in history, we're giving 50% of all proceeds from sales of our shirt, "Nothing is your own," to the Foundation for Democracy in Iran which promotes freedom, internationally recognized standards of human rights and regime change in Iran.

Visit: www.thearrogantatheist.com to get the shirt. Do your part- wear it around to promote discussion- so the people in Iran aren't fighting in obscurity.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To A New Era...

Welcome to The Arrogant Atheist Blog!

Here you'll find our rants on current events, philosophy, religion, atheist culture as well as announcements on the latest from our clothing-line where we make apparel for the fashionably-minded atheist.

The Arrogant Atheist was founded to combat the rampant spread of religion, the archaic yet potently oppressive force that stifles the progress and happiness of man to the very edges of the earth;
even in an otherwise scientific and technological age, the specter of religion rules your every action, from governmental policy to social convention.

But we can change all that. We can unite, all brilliant minds forming a single torch- illuminating the dark corners of the world where threats, fear and the autocracy of ignorance still reign with seemingly unconquerable strength.

We can bring a revolution to the world- creating an enlightened age where man no longer grovels and bows down, but reaches skyward.