Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Blasphemy Contest

the arrogant atheist bbq fish shirt
Want a $50 gift certificate to The Arrogant Atheist store? It's as easy as one, two, blasphemy!

1. Take a picture of yourself (or your cat) wearing anything from The Arrogant Atheist Store in the most blasphemous location you can think of.
2. Email said picture to contest@thearrogantatheist.com by 8/31/09.
3. Get struck down by lightning?

Entries will be judged on their creativity and the quality of their blaspheming. Entries will be featured in a video on The Arrogant Atheist youtube channel (www.youtube.com/arrogantatheist) and the winner will walk away with the cold, hard 50!

No restrictions on the gift certificate, by the way. You can spend it on anything we offer: shirts, hoodies, bags, hats - you name it!

Good luck :)

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